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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Michelle.  I have created this web site for all the sports lovers out there , like me.  I grew up in Simi Valley, California, which is about 40 minutes north of L.A.  I recently finished my B.S. in Business Administration - Management at Southern Oregon University.  My favorite sports to play are softball, basketball , and volleyball.  I enjoy watching football and baseball as well.  Enjoy your visit, and thanks again! 

Softball Links

If you love softball, then you will love these sites.  The following sites are ones that I enjoy visiting to keep up with the latest information on the fields.  There is no better way to learn and enjoy softball than to play it, but I have provided these links for your inside learning pleasure. 

Softball Personal Pages and Message Boards

   The B & N Softball Page - bat reviews and info (recommended)
   DeMarini Sports Page  - product info, sales, and message board
   Jerry Mohr's Softball Page - message board, links, softball news
   Mike Macenko's Page - NOW AVAILABLE
   Slugger Message Board - Louisville Slugger's message boards

Baseball Links

If you're a baseball fanatic like me, you'll love these sites also.  The MLB homepage will fill you in on all the information you would want to know about your team including schedules, minor league affiliates, and news.  If you're a crazy Yankees' fan like myself, you'll love Yankees. com where you can find all the news about the Yankees as well as a link that will allow you to listen to Yankees' games LIVE.

Baseball Web Sites and Message Boards

   MLB Home Page - jump in here to look up your favorite team
   Yankees Home Page - go here to see MY favorite team 

Football Links

Football has become America's most beloved sport.  Here are a few of my favorite pages to get you started on your way through the football Super Highway.  For Husker fans, you will find a link that will allow you to listen to games LIVE via the net.  The NFL and AFL pages will allow you to keep up with your favorite team's activities.

College Football Links

    Nebraska Cornhuskers - domiNating the 90's
   Big 12 Message Boards - check out messages about the BIG 12 Conference

NFL and AFL Links


    Arena Football Home Page - go check out the Arizona Rattlers, or your favorite team (RATTLERS 3-0)
    NFL Home Page - a link to the the NFL scene
    Steeler's Home Page - visit the gold and black attack

  Other Sport Links

   ESPN - the ultimate for sports scores and information
   CNNSI - sports news information
   Netscape Sports Newsgroup - message boards for just about  every sport out there

  Other Fun Sites

   Bored? - click here for some fun

   Flashin' - click here for some exposure

   How do you keep an idiot busy? - click here for an answer

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